Race Rules

1. Definition

Queens Of The Aegean (will be mentioned as QOTA) will start in Marmaris on Sunday 29th of May 2022 and will end in Akyaka. The is organised by “BoostRace Organziasyon Limited Şirketi” and will be held under the permission of Turkish Bicycle Federation (TBF) as an amateur biking event where only the climbing stages are timed.

2. Routes & Distances

QOTA offers two different parkour options:
Short course: 80 km - 2000 mt elevation gain
Long course: 145 km - 3600 mt elevation gain

3. Race Entry

The race is open to all TTF or TBF licensed (with 2022 validated visas) athletes from both gender and for foreign athletes who held a UCI approved lyciences. Athletes without a license are allowed entry along with a 2022 dated official statement that declares the named athlete has “no health related drawbacks”.

E-bikes, tandem bikes, TT bikes and technically unsuitable bikes are not allowed to enter the race.

It is the athletes own responsibility to watch over the possible risky situations and also to watch over the other competitors safety during the group rides.

It is mandatory for the competitors to wear a helmet which is suitable with the EN1078:2012+A1:2012 safety standards.

Race bib numbers and chips must be carried and installed as described during the whole race. Race bib numbers should be placed under the back side of the jersey. Race chips must be placed under the bike seat in a visible manner.

4. Ethical necessities

Athletes who filled and signed the race registration form will be considered as self declared that he/she is not related to any kind of doping related investigation and again declared that he/she has not used any of the substances listed (https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/science-medicine/prohibited-list) by the world anti doping agency (WADA)in the past and not going to use in the future.
If an athlete's false declaration discovered during the QOTA controls during the event end within 6 months time after the event about the doping related issue, he/she will be subject to a legal action and subject to a fine payment with an amount of 300.000 TRL to the organization committee due to the damage to the organizations image.

5. Race Registration

Race registration is a personal process and not subject to a hand over to a third party and requires the acceptance of all of the provisions of the related regulations. All registrations must be made online through queenscysling.com web site. Athlete’s who are penalized with doping related issues in the past will not be allowed to enter the race and registration inquiries will not be accepted.

  • Registrations will be taken until May 20th 2022 or the max. registration number of 1.000 registrants number reached.
  • All attendants must pick their race kits from the race expo area on May 28th 2022. During the day of racing no kits will be handed out.
  • Racing event brief will be held on May 28th 2022 at 15:00 hours @ Grand Yazıcı Club Turban Thermal Conference Hall. Organization committee will not accept responsibility for the lack of info of the non-attending athletes.
  • Athletes must drop their bags, which are to be collected after the race at the finish area on May 29 th (racing day) to the BOOSTRACE tent within the EXPO area no later than 06:30 in the morning.
  • Drop bags will be handed back right after the athletes race chips collected by the organization.
  • (We do advise all athletes to bring along a swimsuit and a towel within their drop bags since the finish area is located by the beach.)
  • All inquiries must be made through boost@boost-sport.org with an e-mail.
  • Right to Cancel: Registrants has the right to apply for cancellation with an e-mail within 15 day after the registration date. In case of cancellation the paid amount will be fully refunded. Beyond 15 days and after the date of May 1st 2022 no refunds will be made.
  • Postponement: Athlete’s can make the inquiry through an e-mail in order to postpone his/her registration to the following year until 15th April 2022 at 12:00 hrs. Organization does not guarantee the occurrence of the race for the next year. If the race does not take place the next year no refunds will be paid.
  • Changes: A registered athlete can hand over and change his/her registration with a third party with a payment of 10€ additional charge. This is only valid until 15th April 2022 at 12:00 hrs.
  • Organization does not guarantee the size changes for the jersey.
  • Athletes are allowed to make parkour (Long/Short) changes before the date of May 1st
  • Athletes are not allowed to make parkour (Long/Short) changes during the race
  • No refund will be made to the registered but not attended athletes. If the athlete makes a request his/her jersey will be sent to their address. (Shipment costs to be paid by the athlete)
6. Scoring

During Queens Of The Aegean race concept only the climbing legs (queens) will be timed and scored. There are 2 timed climbing sections within the long parkour and 1 within the long parkour. Complete racing time of the athletes will also be timed for reference purposes, however won’t be added to the racing scores.

Race results will be announced as below for information purposes (without the final scoring):

  • Complete racing time
  • Queen 1 Climbing time (Sarnıç Climb)
  • Queen 2 Climbing time (Kıran Climb)

Scoring will be as below:

  • Short Parkour Scoring : Queen 2 climb timing
  • Long Parkour Scoring: Queen 1 and Queen 2 climb timings total

Besides the queens (climbing parkours), none of the transition sections of the race added to the racing scores. However, it is mandatory for each of the athletes to ride the complete parkour. Any attempt for short cutting will result disqualification of that athlete. It is not allowed to ride against the racing direction on the race parkour.

It is important that the race timing chips are properly installed. The organization does not accept any responsibility for the unproperly installed or lost timing chips.

Athletes who doesn’t return his/her race timing chips are liable of 100€ for the lost equipment.

7. Categories & Podium & Awards
  • Racing categories are determimed as to the gender & age.
  • First three athletes within each categories will be on the podium.
  • Overall woman and men category winners will be determined only on the long parkour. Only the first-place athletes will be announced and will be on the podium.
  • Pro athletes will only be considered within the overall category. There will not be any age sub categories for the pro athletes.
  • If there are less than 5 athletes within the specific age category that category will be merged with the lower or higher categories.
  • There will not be a team category in this race concept.
  • All prizes to be claimed and collected during the price ceremony. There won’t be any post delivery after the racing date.
  • Long Course Overall Category - Women / Man 1. - 5.000 TL Santini gift check
  • 19-29 Elite Women / Man 1. Risk Analysis Bike-Fit Service Santini gift check
  • All age categories Women / Man 1. Bike-Fit Service (PT_Academy / Aslı Bisiklet)*
  • Long course all age categories Women/Man 2. Wupsport PRO BOX

*All of the risk analysis and normal Bike Fit services will be performed by appointment at Sedona Concept store.


KING OF QUEENS - Overall Category – Man
QUEEN OF QUEENS - Overall Category – Woman

Woman / Man
- Elite (18-29)
- Masters (30-39)
- Masters (40-49)
- Masters (50-59)
- Masters (60+)


Woman / Man
- Elite (18-29)
- Masters (30-39)
- Masters (40-49)
- Masters (50-59)
- Masters (60+)

8. The Race

Queens Of The Aegean is not a road racing concept. It has its unique racing rules and concept.


All Queens Of The Aegean ace categories (long & short) will start in Marmaris main square on May the 29th at 07:00 am. Racing start process ends once the broom-car passes the starting line.
After the race starts lead race vehicle will be leeding the racers and overtaking that vehicle is not allowed. Once the lead car the top section of the Marmaris road climb the lead vehicle will be park on the side and racing pack will be proceed the transition stage with their own pace.

Use of Event Jersey Mandatory

In oder to take part in this racing event it is mandatory to vear the event jersey that will be handed out with the race kit. No athlete will be allowed to take part in the event if the jersey is lost, forgotten or it is not available for any reason. The organization committee reserves the right any changes or replanning or change of the racing rules on this subject.

Boost Zones & Nutrition
  • All the water and nutrition points are specified on the race parkour profile within the race web site.
  • There will be 2 BOOST ZONES in the long parkour and 1 BOOST ZONE in the short parkour.
  • It is allowed to any kind of food or nutrition exchange between the competitors during the race. However all competitors should be aware that they are also responsible for the safety of the other competitors around them during the process.
  • It is strictly prohibited to discard any litter or water bottles out to the nature. All competitors are responsible of carrying their empty bottles or the litter to the garbage cans on the road or within the next nutrition areas. .
Medical Assistance
  • There will be ambulances on duty during the racing event.
  • There will be availability for the recruitment of the medical facilities if there shoul be a need for them due to a discomfort or an accident should occur.
  • It is allowed to receive help from the third parties in case of a health condition or an accident should occur.
Mechanical Assistance
  • There will be mechanical support available within the boost zones. There won’t be a guarantee to solve any kind of mechanical problems.
  • It is allowed to exchange eguipment and tools between the racers. However exchange of rims and bicycles are not allowed
  • No tool, equipment or spare parts exchange allowed other that in between the competitors.
  • If a competitor can non solve the mechanical problem the broom car will deliver support upon arrival to the spot. Once the problem solved the competitor will continue the route from that point on. Competitors are not be carried/transported by the broom car while the competitor is still in the race.
  • During the climbing sections (Qoeens/racing stages), there will be patrol motorcycles patrolling that racing stage parkour.
Quitting or Pausing the Race
  • If a competitor is forced to quit the race due to some mechanical or health or etc. reasons, she or he can raise her /his hand and let the other competitors know that she/he is out of the race and stands and wait on the side of the road.
  • If a competitor decides to leave the event parkour, this is a good enough reason to be extracted from the race even if the competitor decides to go back and continue the race. Official boost zones are considered to be within the race parkour.
  • If a competitor decides to quit the race for mechanical or for some other reason, She/he should wait for the broom car. If the competitor decides to leave the parkour and quit the race is responsible to let the race committee of his decision and go back to the race finish line before the race cut-off timing in order to submit her/his racing chip
General Ride Rules
  • All competitors are responsible for the general ride safety rules for themselves and for other competitors. Competitors will allow the other competitors to over take themselves and not force the other competitors out of the road, will not make sudden stops and try to avoid direct contact with the others as much as possible.
  • The racing committee reserves the right to extract any competitor from the race according the committee’s initiative if they see any objectionable incident that took place. Incidents include, using other competitors chip in order to deceive the race committee, to quarrel with other competitors or other bystanders, voluntarily unsafe riding on the race parkour, hanging to the motor vehicles on the parkour and etc.
Cut Off Timings
  • A competitor should watch over the timing limitations. There are two main cut-off timing points during the race.
  • Long Course - Queen(Racing Stage)2 cut off timing: Competitors who are heading for the Kıran racing parkour will not be allowed to continue and will be diverted directly to the finish area if they arrive to Akyaka intersection after 12:30 pm.
  • Race Cut-off Timing: For both short and long parkour competitors, the race cut-off timing is 15:30 and competitors are due to pass the finish line before that timing.
  • After the race cut-off time passed all of the roads will be open for the regular traffic. When a competitor passes the cut-off time limit she/he will be warned about that at the check points. After this warning, a competitor still can decide to continue the race however the race organization is not responsible for any kind of incident that may take place after that timing. The competitor will be disqualified at the end of the race.
  • Check point timings will be screened by the racing committee. The committee reserves the right to extract the competitors from the race because of their slower pace. Due to the current specific traffic situations, the competitors who are too much behind are subject to extracted from the race if their current speed is below the required level in order to reach to the next station before the cut-off timing, in coordination with the local safety and security officials.
  • If a competitor is not able to make the required cut-off timing due to mechanical or health or some other reasons, she/he will quit the race according to the organizations demand and will continue on the broom car.
  • All referees and athletes are subject to obey the instructions by the marschalls in the broom vehicle.
  • Athletes who did not make the race cut-off time limit are subject to disqualification from the race. They will still be able to see their timings although their names will not be on the finisher list.
9. Miscellaneous
  • Marmaris’e dönmek isteyen katılımcılar için iki seçenek sunulmaktadır. There will be 2 options for those want to go back to Marmaris from finish zone.
  • Bus Transfers: 16:00 - 19:00
  • Home (bike) rice: at 18:00 We ride back all together and there will be a car follows us.
  • According to any unexpected forced major situation the event could be cancelled. In this case there will be no refunds or funds transfer for the next year’s event is possible.
  • The organization reserve the right to make changes to these regulations at any time. The organisation can make changes to the racing parkour or racing timing even during the race.
  • All of the racing info and related announcements are available on www.queenscycling.com web page.
  • The racing committee reserves the right to extract the competitors from the race who display faulty behavior before, during or after the racing event.
  • Competitor who throw litter besides the boost zones and stated areas are subject for disqualification.
  • No vehicles will be allowed to follow the racing competitors during the race besides the organization vehicles.
  • The organization does not accept any kind of responsibility for itself or for the crew, for any accident or damage to the persons or equipment to take place before, during or after the racing event.

All racing event related objections are to be made by e-mail directly to the boost@boost-sport.org e-mail address. Verbal objections are not going to be taken in consideration.