Santini Queens of The Aegean 2022 is completed


Santini Queens of The Aegean 2022 is completed


Santini Queens of The Aegean 2022 is completed

Welcome to the first of the
Queens of The Aegean races!
29 May 2022
Why Santini Queens of The Aegean?

Because Santini Queens of The Aegean is a race consisting of only queen stages. Epic climbing routes are waiting for you to be discovered.

More Info
RIDE Enjoy the Ride

Queens will start with a soft start behinde the race car. Race car will lead the whole group for the first 5km which is a climbing route (not rated) and will fade out on the top. Just warm up and get the rhythm going!

Discover the Area
REST Enjoy the Nature

This is where you will regain all your energy, recover and enjoy your day! Fresh seasonal fruits grown in the region, freshly cooked local delicacies, energy drinks and food await you here. At the resting points, you can relax as much as you want and chat with other drivers, while you can relax your legs with the support of our physiotherapists.

About Queens
RACE Race on the Climbs

Here is the hard part of the job :) We are sure that you will do your best on these difficult climbs. The race will be graded solely on the sum of the climbing stages.

Race Routes

Santini Official Partner

We are proudly announce Santini as the official partner of Queens of the Aegean Boostrace.

All participants will recieve Santini Race Jersey included in their race pack. You can check the Santini size chart before filling the registration form. Race Jersey will be obligatory during the race.

Are you Ready?

Epic climbs are waiting for you to discover!

Only climbs will be graded.

  • Short Course: One Climb: KIRAN
  • Long Course: Two Climbs: SARNIÇ + KIRAN

Enjoy the ride and the unique beauty of nature for the rest of the route!

Discover Routes

Perfect Occasion for a Cycling Vacation

Queens of The Aegean routes are created from Marmaris Boostcamp Routes, which is the most populer Boostcamp location.

If you want the experience the routes with collective rides before the race, we recommended you to join Boostcamp Revenge on The Mountains - Marmaris. As the Name suggests, the concept of this camp is lots of climbing!

High quality fabric for best performance

Santini Queens of The Aegean jersey takes its color from blue of the Aegean sea and its motifs from the unique pine forest.

The form reflecting the energy and magnificent nature of the region, is shaped with Santini quality. With its breathable fabric and UV filter, it will be your biggest support at the climbs!

You will find your Queens jersey in your race pack. If you prefer a more classic fit, we recommend you opting for one or two sizes larger.

Motifs From Pine Forests

Colours of the Aegean

Fit For Performance

The jersey features a technical SLIM fit and it adheres to the body without restricting movements.

Location & Lodging

Book your trip now and start planing your days in Marmaris

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